• vocal alchemy workshop . nov 13

    Vocal Alchemy Workshop with Wahkeena Sitka

    Every 2nd Sunday
    Nov 13 . Enroll
    Dec 11 . Enroll
    or Use Your Sun Gate Center Membership or Pass

    Vocal Alchemy workshops are a playground for the voice, using ecstatic chanting to uplift the spirit and bring harmony, melody and ecstatic energy to everyone who participates. We begin with meditative practices of breath work, guided meditation, toning, Yin Yoga, and Qi cultivation practices to bring the self fully into the body, and the vibrational inner listening.

    We move from the inner realms to the outer realms, merging with each other through sound, toning and energy. Eventually the Vocal Alchemy moves towards ecstatic polyrhythmic chanting, with a strong afro-polyrhythmic quality.

    Songs are non-linguistic and improvised in the moment, in order to get the mind out of the way and get into the playful practice of entering the ecstatic trance of chanting. I strongly believe that chanting non-linguistic songs have the power to more effectively and immediately catapult our minds into the ecstasy of our primal soul.

    Get down with the gift of song!

    sitka0050webMeet Sitka: The multi-disciplinary artist known as Wahkeena Sitka has spent the last 13 years on the West Coast, cultivating her offerings as a vocalist, writer, designer, web geek, mystic, and bodyworker. Her interest in ‘The Beauty Way’ inspired her to bridge the realm of the spiritual & mystical with the mainstream realm of technology & media. Her work exists in a unique confluence, merging the streams of web development & design with her holistic background as a practitioner of energy cultivation through practices such as Vocal Alchemy, Qigong, Thai Massage, Yin Yoga, Breathwork and Reiki.

    Over the last 6 years, Sitka has become known for her Vocal Alchemy workshops at a variety of festivals, including: Symbiosis, Beloved, Emrg’n’See, Enchanted Forest, Mystic Garden. Her ecstatic singing workshops include vocal facilitation, inspired both by Qigong and afro-polyrhythmic chanting. She has recorded 3 albums, and a dozen singles that are available online. Her famous youtube video for ‘Total Permission to Say Yes to Life’ went viral and has surpassed 120,000 views.

    Wahkeena Sitka has recently released an EP – entitled “Cavern of Stars” – that is a collaboration with upcoming electronic producer ‘Inner Forest’ and is in the process of creating new music with Temple Step Project.

    Her writings have been included in Reality Sandwich, and she was published in the book – ‘Toward 2012: Perspectives on the Next Age’. She resides in Oregon.


    Learn More – Check Out:

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  • Sound Meditation . Nov 18

    Light in the Rain: Participatory Sound Meditation with Yonti Ma and Hamid Shibata Bennett

    Friday, November 18th, 7-9pm
    (note: the date has been changed)
    Sliding scale: $10-20
    Pre-pay Here

    Sound meditation with Yonti Ma and Hamid Shibata Bennett. Come swim in the shimmering sonic goodness of this heart-psychic duo. An opportunity to meditate and get aligned with the ever present NOWness supported by sounds that inspire and heal. Space held for adding your own voice to the mix during parts of the evening. A lightly facilitated journey that will change your week. May we all be angels for one another.

    Yonti Ma is a multi-instrumentalist, vocalist, recording artist and kirtan leader as well as a ritualist and shamanic healer. Her core mission is to create spaces of divine permission and to facilitate embodied experiences of co-HERE-ence and reconnection with self, other, life. She serves unofficially in too many capacities to name, tasked as she is to be a pollinator, philosopher, teacher, artist, and mystic as well as an erzatz interior designer and mixologist.

    Hamid Shibata Bennett is a multi-instrumental musician, singer, and recording artist, as well as a licensed massage therapist specializing in advanced myofascial bodywork in southeast Portland, Oregon. As a rare lymphoma survivor, he has used creative expression as part of his ongoing self-care. In 2012, he co-founded and became president of Taking Care Portland, a grassroots organization bringing live, improvised sound therapy to the cancer survivorship community. He also does sound therapy in the Cancer Care Navigation Team at Veteran’s Affairs and is a member and secretary of artMOB: Milwaukie Arts Committee in Milwaukie, Oregon.

    Check out Yonti and Hamid’s solo projects:

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  • Jonathan Brinkley in Concert . Nov 19

    Meet Me at Sun Gate: an evening of heart song with Jonathan Brinkley and friends

    Saturday, Nov 19
    7pm Doors, 7:30pm Music
    $10-20 Sliding Scale
    Pre-pay Here

    Join my full band and me for an intimate evening of new music as well as established favorites from the new record, Unguarded Heart. Plus, very special guest Robin Jackson will give us a stripped down performance of his melodic tales. What a night!

    Jonathan’s new band lineup: Marc Tobin on lead guitar, Sean Flora on bass, and Joe (no relation) Trump on drums. Rehearsals are sounding stellar!

    Jonathan Brinkley’s refreshingly honest approach to songwriting, matched with the unwavering vulnerability of his voice, has earned him a place in the hearts of fans around the world. With a passionate eye toward the adventure of self-discovery, he delivers a unique experience that stays with the listener long after the song has ended.

    “Jonathan Brinkley’s Unguarded Heart album is full of the lightness of full-hearted optimism backed up by solid musicians and production. The tunes are alive with clarity and accessibility.” Mike Meyer – KRVM DJ

    Listen in at: www.jonathanbrinkley.com

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  • Crystal Bowl Sound Bath . nov 20

    Crystal Bowl Sound Bath Monthly with Shalom Mayberg

    Third Sundays, 5-6:30pm
    $15 Pre-pay, $20 at door
    Nov 20 . Pre-pay Here
    Dec 18 . Pre-pay Here

    With the use of Quartz Crystal singing bowls, Native American drums, Tibetan and Indian bells, and a loving voice, Shalom creates a Soundscape where one can relax, naturally unwind, and enter a space where profound healing and growth takes place. The group or individual rest peacefully on their back while the sounds and vibrations fill the room moving in, out, and around; an energetic massage like experience from the inside out.

    Meet Shalom: Shalom began practicing yoga and meditation in 2001; this lead to a healthier lifestyle and a more vibrant approach to life in general. Family, friends, and strangers on the street began asking his advice and seeking his help and thus, Shalom found his passion. After working for a few years for the State of Florida as a Police officer in Miami, Shalom left his position and began his journey through both India and Asia for a period of deep learning and exploration to answer his calling.

    After living, learning, and teaching in India and Asia for almost three years, Shalom returned home with two separate 200 hour YTTC (yoga teacher training certifications) in Hatha and Vinyasa yoga and training in Yoga Nidra guided meditations. He also received his certification in Levels 1, 2, and Master Level Reiki practice, and training in mediumship and psychic work. In addition, Shalom holds a Rabbinical Certificate from his time spent studying in Israel.

    Shalom enjoys practicing yoga, group meditation, nutritious cooking and hiking as well as mentoring teens to encourage a healthier lifestyle. As a Spiritual and Wellness Guide, Shalom offers sound healing, SuJok therapy, and Energy Work.

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  • Sound Healing Journey . Nov 25

    Vibrational Sound Journey through the Chakra System with Tanya Devine

    Friday, November 25

    Please pre-pay directly with Tanya here:

    A Sound Healing Journey through the Chakra System, using Australian Didjeridus, Singing Bowls, a Medicine Drum, A Steel Tongue Drum, Chimes and more… Creating a safe deep space for you to dive into, through sound and ceremony. Allow yourself to be guided into the deep of space, of ocean, of fire and earth. Journey with the Stars, the jellyfish, the Eagles, the lava and the roots that connect us all~

    Your system will feel physically and spiritually, re aligned, clear and in tune.

    Meet Tanya: Tanya has been walking her medicine path in complete surrender to the healing vibrations and guidance of the Ancient Spirit of the Didjeridu. She carries a number of Authentic Australian Didjeridu’s, including one for each of the lower Chakra Frequencies, and has been guided to help move energy through the system with the low vibrational instrument being played over ones body.

    Tanya Devine resides in Victoria, BC, where she grew up… She’s been playing the Didjeridu since 2006 and after travelling to Northern Australia in 2011, to return a ceremonial Didjeridu to its original origins, which then was gifted back to her by the Blansai family to carry it’s medicine, she fell into the rhythm of performing and offering energetic balancing over people.

    The instrument she was gifted back, holds a powerful presence and brings up deep earth energy with an ancient spirit that is felt by all who are blessed to lay at the receiving end of its medicine.

    Within these years walking the medicine path of Sound, more instruments have come to be a part of the Journey she offers… including more Australian Didjeridus for each of the lower Chakras, A Buthang Steel Tongue Drum, Tibetan and Crystal Singing Bowls, A Medicine Seal Skin Drum, A Bull Roarer, Chimes and more..

    Tanya carries Wise Words, and intuitive healings and is open to sharing safe space to release and further explore your peaceful tribal warrior.

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  • Thanksgiving Day Yoga . Nov 24

    Breathing, Being, Gratitude ~ Thanksgiving Yoga Class​ with Niema Lightseed

    Thursday November 24, 11am – 12:30pm
    $15 ~ Partial proceeds to the Oregon Food Bank
    Pre-pay Here

    niema-newfaceshot-fall2016webA Hatha Flow Yoga practice focused on cultivating the healing power of gratitude and breath awareness as keys to a healthy and joyful life. Twists, heart-openers, restoratives, pranayama and meditation. All levels

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