Vocal Alchemy Workshop with Wahkeena Sitka

Every 2nd Sunday
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Vocal Alchemy workshops are a playground for the voice, using ecstatic chanting to uplift the spirit and bring harmony, melody and ecstatic energy to everyone who participates. We begin with meditative practices of breath work, guided meditation, toning, Yin Yoga, and Qi cultivation practices to bring the self fully into the body, and the vibrational inner listening.

We move from the inner realms to the outer realms, merging with each other through sound, toning and energy. Eventually the Vocal Alchemy moves towards ecstatic polyrhythmic chanting, with a strong afro-polyrhythmic quality.

Songs are non-linguistic and improvised in the moment, in order to get the mind out of the way and get into the playful practice of entering the ecstatic trance of chanting. I strongly believe that chanting non-linguistic songs have the power to more effectively and immediately catapult our minds into the ecstasy of our primal soul.

Get down with the gift of song!

sitka0050webMeet Sitka: The multi-disciplinary artist known as Wahkeena Sitka has spent the last 13 years on the West Coast, cultivating her offerings as a vocalist, writer, designer, web geek, mystic, and bodyworker. Her interest in ‘The Beauty Way’ inspired her to bridge the realm of the spiritual & mystical with the mainstream realm of technology & media. Her work exists in a unique confluence, merging the streams of web development & design with her holistic background as a practitioner of energy cultivation through practices such as Vocal Alchemy, Qigong, Thai Massage, Yin Yoga, Breathwork and Reiki.

Over the last 6 years, Sitka has become known for her Vocal Alchemy workshops at a variety of festivals, including: Symbiosis, Beloved, Emrg’n’See, Enchanted Forest, Mystic Garden. Her ecstatic singing workshops include vocal facilitation, inspired both by Qigong and afro-polyrhythmic chanting. She has recorded 3 albums, and a dozen singles that are available online. Her famous youtube video for ‘Total Permission to Say Yes to Life’ went viral and has surpassed 120,000 views.

Wahkeena Sitka has recently released an EP – entitled “Cavern of Stars” – that is a collaboration with upcoming electronic producer ‘Inner Forest’ and is in the process of creating new music with Temple Step Project.

Her writings have been included in Reality Sandwich, and she was published in the book – ‘Toward 2012: Perspectives on the Next Age’. She resides in Oregon.


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