Courses: Courses are a chance to deepen into a chosen path of study of Qigong, Yoga or Sacred Sound. These occur periodically, once or twice a week, for a designated number of sessions.
Morning Intensives & Immersions: These weeklong (4 or 5 classes per week) intensives are currently Shadow or Shadow-influenced Yoga and Lovingkindness Meditation Practice in the early mornings. They occur once to a few times each month.

For both Courses and Intensives, registration is required either before they begin or on the first day. Drop Ins are invited on the first day and may or may not be welcome after. See specific course descriptions for enrollment details.

  • Early Morning Yoga Immersions informed by Shadow Yoga . m-th 7-8am one or more monthly

    4-Day Hatha Yoga Morning Immersion: Shadow Yoga Preludes with Mandy Kruger

    Monday-Thursday, 7-8am
    Aug 2-4 . Enroll

    Aug 23-25 . Enroll

    $36 Pre-pay; $42 Day of *
    * a minimum of 4 students is required to hold this immersion

    In these morning immersive class series, we refine and stabilize specific familiar postures and sequencing with attention to breath. We practice every day to receive greater efficiency and benefit.

    Mandy is a student of Zhander Remete and Emma Balnaves and her teaching is informed by this tradition of shadow yoga and classical Hatha yoga.

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  • Early Morning Yoga: Shadow Yoga AM Intensives . mon-fri 6:15am once monthly

    5-Day Early Morning Shadow Yoga Intensives 2016 with Lita Batho

    July 18-22 . Enroll
    August 15-19 . Enroll
    September 19-23 . Enroll
    $60 Pre-pay; $70 Day of *

    Register via links above OR please call 503-715-6399.
    Drop In Welcome First Day Only $17 (must pay in person)
    * a minimum of 4 students is required to hold the intensive

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  • Intro to Belly Dance Course . begins Sept 7

    Entering Autumn Intro to Belly Dance with Sedona Soulfire

    4 Wednesdays, 5:45-7pm
    Sept 7 – Sept 28
    $56 full course, $18 Drop In
    enroll or drop in

    open to all

    Attune to the ancient rhythms of your body temple * Awaken your Sensuality * Invoke your Power, * Tap into your Creative Source * Follow your Flow * Soften into Receptivity * Embody your Feminine Strength and Beauty * Celebrate Yourself

    For thousands of years women have experienced the healing and transformative powers of Belly Dance. Like so many art forms Belly Dance has its roots in reverential and ritual worship; particularly linked to Mother Goddess and the feminine creative principle. Its is an enchanting embodied language encoded with the ancient stories of birthing, life cycles, creativity, celebration, and divine energy.

    Not only is it beautiful to behold and witness but it also works from the inside out healing, opening and enlivening both the physical and energetic bodies.

    Belly Dance serves as a powerful consecration and celebration of the feminine vessel, it provides women with a safe and organic way to build supple strength and flexibility in both body and mind.

    In this 4 week course we will learn many beautiful basic isolations and shapes found in the dance, all while holding focus on aligned posture and muscle control. The class will also cover other fundamental Belly Dance movements such as step patterns, shimmies, and hip-work.

    This intro series will provide you with a solid technical foundation of Belly Dance movement and also connect you in with the sacred and ancient roots of this magnificent art.

    These wonderful classes provide a vitalizing holistic workout and will offer you the chance to develop a creative outlet, embrace your sensuality, increase your embodied confidence and connect with other women in your community.

    Meet Sedona: Ever since she was a young girl, dancing has been Sedona’s purest and most authentic expression. After spending her youth years immersed in classical western dance and theatrical performance arts study she turned her focus towards the Dances of the Silk Road. Deeply moved by the sacred history, rich cultural essence, and transformative power of Eastern Dance and Yoga lineages, she has spent the last 12 years in extensive training, travel and research. She has spent much of this time with a primary focus on the ancient woman’s art of Belly Dance, personally exploring its depth and power, while also working to preserve and elevate the form. She appears on numerous performance and instructional DVDS and is a teacher on the Global Online Belly Dance Studio – Datura Online.

    She has also intensively studied Odissi Temple Dance and Vinyasa Krama Yoga at the Shakti School of Dance in Rajasthan, India, Charya Nritya Nepalese Temple Dance out of the Dance Mandal Temple in Portland Oregon and received her Yoga Teacher Training Certification through the Integral Yoga Institute.

    In addition to teaching and performing dance and embodiment practices both nationally and internationally, she is also an ordained minister, ritualist, present day priestess and founder of Goddess Temple Portland

    She has received initiatory priestess training with Marguerite Rigoglioso of the 7 Sisters Mystery School and Ariel Spilsbury of the 13 Moon Mystery School. When she is not abroad you will find her in Portland Oregon, where she produces conscious sacred art events, leads women’s wellness circles, teaches weekly dance classes and facilitates community ceremonial celebrations . She dedicates all her work towards the awakening of human consciousness and the realization of the Divinity within. She specially creates her community offerings to honor and celebrate the beauty, magic and connectedness of life itself.

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  • Warrior Healer Sage Training Level 1

    Warrior, Healer, Sage Level 1 Daoist Cultivation Training: an 8-week course with Ryan Powell

    8 Sundays, 28 hours of training
    Sept 18 – Nov 13 (break Oct 16)
    $450 before or on Sept 11th *
    $500 after Sept 1st
    $70 per 3.5 hour session (drop ins allowed with Ryan’s permission)
    *Payment plan available if needed; contact us to discuss. Students who have already completed this course receive a 30% discount off full price. Sun Gate Members receive 15% off.

    Enroll Here
    Open to both beginners and seasoned practitioners

    Step into the ancient stream of Daoist cultivation and awaken your inner medicine.

    Warrior Healer Sage Level 1 is a unique opportunity to deepen your understanding and practice of Qigong, internal martial arts, Daoist Internal Alchemy, Qi (Energy) Healing and the 8 trigrams of the Yijing or Book of Changes. This is a rare opportunity to practice the physical, energetic and spiritual cultivation arts of the Wu and Hidden Immortal Lineages.

    In this 8 week course you will learn:Tai Chi-0099-ryqiball4x6-110res
    ~ Dou (The Inner Dancing and Drumming of the Heart)
    ~ Shamanic Tiger Qigong (Laohu Gong)
    ~ Qi Healing Principles
    ~ Plum Blossom Yijing 8 Trigram Divination
    ~ Internal Alchemy Meditation
    ~ ChaDao, the Way of Tea

    Engaging with these ancient Daoist practices is to begin a journey to your true home within the body, within the moment and within the nourishing embrace of the Dao of Nature. All of these practice involve developing awareness of our Three Treasures ~ Jing (Body), Qi (Breath) , Shen (Spirit) and cultivating the connection of these three best medicines within our body.

    This course is open to beginners or seasoned practitioners of Daoist Cultivation.
    I look forward to walking with you on this journey home. ~Ryan

    Contact Ryan at with any questions.

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  • Lovingkindness Meditation Morning Immersion . begins Sept 26

    Lovingkindness Practice: A Morning Meditation Immersion with Sweethome

    Monday, Sept 26 – Friday Sept 30
    6:15-7:30am (until 7:15am on Fri)
    $75 for full immersion
    full enrollment only (no drop ins, thank you)
    Enroll Here

    Immersing ourselves every morning with the lovingkindness meditation which is a focus on kindness, compassion, equanimity, and ease. We will instill these concepts into our actions through a physical practice and steep in the meditation throughout our day.

    Meet Sweethome: Sweethome has studied yoga since 1993.She approaches the practice with devotion and awe. She is an inspiring and uplifting teacher who incorporates a myriad of life learning into her teaching touching upon physics and science, philosophy and spirit, creativity, sound, and magic. Her classes support a deep and poetic experience for all.

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  • Mantra for Life Course . begins Oct 3

    Mantra for Life: Establishing a daily practice for body, mind, and manifestation with Sweethome

    Mondays and Wednesdays
    Oct 3 – Oct 19
    3 weeks (6 classes): $100
    Drop Ins Welcome First Day Only: $20
    Enroll Here (required in advance or on 1st day, thank you!)

    This 3 week course will consist of meditation, movement and an immersive vocal practice that prepares the body and mind for an honest and authentic exchange with the world. The goal of this course is to help you establish a daily practice which nurtures the body, the mind, and the voice (breath). We will learn and embrace invocations, salutations, and thanksgivings through a physical as well as vocal practice. Learn the difference between Kirtan, mantra meditation, and using chants to clarify our perceptions and manifest our intentions. Learn the roots of sound and their intentions working with the oldest language on earth. Feel the power of chanting and cultivating our collective voice, as well as our individual expression in life.

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  • Yoga and Ritual Magic Course . begins Nov 2

    Yoga and Ritual Magic Course with Niema Lightseed

    Mondays and Wednesdays, Nov 2 – Nov 30 (no class Nov 23)
    8 Classes for $133
    Drop in for $20, invited for first two weeks only.
    Enroll Here

    In this four week course we will explore how to create personal ceremonies within a yoga practice. The classes will be a multi-faceted blend of lecture, demonstration, all-levels asana, meditation, chanting, and mini-rituals. We will learn the basic correlations for the elements and how they relate to aspects of the yoga practice, investigate working with transformational forces, learn how to create safe and potent ceremonial containers, learn a formula for creating our own effective yoga rituals, build altars, and explore working with the subconscious to find healing and wholeness.

    All experience levels are welcome. Bring your journal or notebook, and you will be expected to gather altar items through the course of the month.

    Meet Niema: Niema Lightseed is a priestess of the new paradigm, weaving words and soul wisdom to create poetic healing experiences for the body and heart. She combines the magic of yoga, myth, poetry, ritual, mantra, and feminine mysticism to inspire greater self-awareness and compassion.

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