AbunDance Ritual Temple Dance Series with Sedona Soulfire

3 Wednesdays, April 12th, 19th, 26th (full moon closing class)
:::Postponed::: Now to begin April 19th! Make up date TBD
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Join Me Dancing Spirits for an alchemical embodiment experience of AbunDance!!

As we find ourselves surrounded by the vibrant energies of Spring, it is the PERFECT TIME to blossom open and commune with the ever-present source of plenitude that is nature Herself.

Through Mudra (ancient energetic locks and symbols) Yantra (sacred geometry) and Tantra (energy of our embodiment) we will expand past our skin encapsulated boundaries, attune ourselves to the frequency of ABUDANCE and Dance into a space of allowance and attraction!

This Dance Ritual draws much of it’s form from ancient women’s dance, temple arts and yoga lineages, all married with my own intuitive sacred dance vocabulary and archetypal Goddess embodiment exploration.

Each movement and motion is filled with intention and meaning, affirming and activating the prosperous nature of the Universe!

When our clear and focused intentions are supported by the miraculous energy of our embodiment channeled into sacred symbolic dance movement, we can touch and taste the Divinity of our Full Presence and access our powers of wommanifestation.

In this conscious ceremonial dance practice we will embody the most essential elements in experiencing abundance – Grace, Gratitude and Generosity.

We will quite literally MOVE our way out of our heads into our woman’s wisdom bodies where we will enLIVEn and enRICH ourselves on a cellular level,

~ Divine Mother
~ Lakshmi Ma
~ Fortuna
~ Aphrodite
~ Corn Grain Goddess

We will call upon and embody the sacred essence of these Great Goddesses of Abundance, reveling in feelings of fulfillment, contentment, beauty and bliss as we experience their own divine frequencies as innate aspects of ourselves.

Each class in this three week series will include sister circle, goddess invocations, intention setting, explorative movement, yogic warm-up, temple dance techniques and the Ritual Choreography.

*Over the three weeks we will learn one complete Dance Ritual *
Space for 25 dancers