Raga – Nada Yoga

with Michael

The concept of Nada Brahma, Sound is God, is fundamental to the art of Indian Classical Music and Raga, its melodic element, considered an expression of the divine through music, with the human voice viewed as the ultimate instrument of musical articulation.

Raga, the musical language that is at the heart of Hindustani classical music, is a highly devotional, disciplined, yet improvised musical form. Raga is a refined musical discipline that links body, breath, sound & rhythm with the deep cycles of nature.  Students will benefit from voice cultivation, energetic use of the breath and refined intonation.

In this class, students will become sensitive to nuances of intonation and rhythm that they might not otherwise be aware of.  Participants will sing, learn and explore raga scales and compositions, increasing their knowledge and broadening their understanding of the general elements of North Indian Classical Music (raga & tala) and its ancient cultural and historical elements.  The class will be accompanied by tambura (the essential drone instrument) and tabla (a set of two small hand drums).  The class is taught in the Kirana style of North Indian classical vocal music ~ which traces its history back in time over 700 years ago to the colorful era of the mogul kings and to the legendary saint and singer Gopal Nayak, who worshipped Krishna, embraced Sufism and blended these elements into a spiritual form expressed in the language of music.

Mindful Meditation

with Peggy

We welcome you to join us in a relaxed one-hour morning meditation. We start with Mindful Movements to connect to our bodies, then sit in guided meditation, followed by a walking meditation and then another sit. Each week we read from a book by a significant teacher, often Thich Nhat Hanh, and offer time for a sharing of our practice. You do not have to be a Buddhist or have experience meditating to join. We invite you to bring yourself as you are. There are no fees. Dana (generosity) is welcome.