Qigong & Taiji (Tai Chi)
for Wellness

Qigong (pronounced Chee-Gong), often spelled Chi Gong, is a practice for cultivating inner knowledge and for connecting with the rhythms of the universe. All of the forms of qigong and taiji (Tai Chi) offered at Sun Gate help us refine the 3 layers of the body: jing — the physical layer; qi — the layer of vitality; and shen — the layer of the spirit.

Qigong encourages Jing layer by strengthening and opening the physical body, releasing of stagnation and restoring balance, and in turn allowing for more comfort in your body.

The layer of Qi is the layer of the breath. In class, we focus on lengthening and smoothing the breath which carries vitality. This, the Vital Breath of the Dao, helps reduce anxiety and restore free flowing energy.

We also work to strengthen our Shen, the layer of awareness. With focus on breath and body and through visualization, we practice Presence and restore our function in life. We connect with Universal Qi to be healthier and more authentic in life and love.

The forms below we have learned from our teacher Master Zhongxian Wu via the lineages of: Emei Zhengong, Dai XinYi, Dragon Gate (Long Men), & Hidden Immortal Taiji. We are grateful. It is our greatest hope that you find these gifts of qigong and taiji as helpful and strengthening to you as we do. Let’s practice together.

Bagua XinJing

with Dr. Keivan Jinnah . Monday 9:45-10:45pm; Ryan Powell . Thurs 10:45am
In this series you will learn the BaGua XinJing (Eight trigram Heart-Mirror) form. This hidden form of QiGong and internal martial arts (building ones health and internal strength) has been passed down for centuries in the Dai Family XinYi lineage in China.
The BaGua XinJing consists of eight soft, gentle movements that connect the practitioner with each of the eight trigrams of the BaGua and functions to clear the Heart and Mind. The significance of each of the eight trigrams, the pattern, and the health application of each of the movements will also be revealed.

Fire Dragon Meridian Qigong
(Huo Long Jing Gong)

with Ryan Powell . Tuesday 6pm

Connect with the spiral movements of the Fire Dragon to transform stagnant energy within your body into a free-flowing river of Qi. This form includes meridian tapping and guiding Qi in order to open and restore the healing river of energy within you.

Five Dragons Qigong

with Kristin Bowen . Tues/Thurs 9am

In this class, you receive the healing qualities of the 5 elements, as this qigong form takes you on a journey through each of the five dragons representing water, wood, fire, earth and metal. Through gentle movements and imagery, we tune our organ system to find harmony within ourselves and within our life. This class begins with shaking, the dance of the heart, and ends with a closing ritual to seal the qi within our bodies and lower dantien.

Five Elements Qigong

with Jacob Greico . Sunday 9am

This class is well suited to all levels and body types. An easy to learn, meditative form that uses simple yet powerful postures to nurture the best medicines of our body, breath, and spirit. Using the power of visualization, we connect with the five phases of universal energy that can be observed within ourselves as well as throughout the entire universe.

By slowing down our breath and movement, and looking within, we learn to synchronize our microcosm with the universe. We simplify our lives while at the same time realize increased vitality and expanded awareness- the support of the Dao.

Hidden Immortal Taiji (Tai Chi)

with Ryan Powell . Thursday Noon; Yu Jin Lee . Monday 8:30am; Jacob Grieco . Fri 6pm

Tai Chi is an ancient art of meditative movement that has been passed down through the generations in China. It is used for strengthening one’s health, energy, balance and longevity. Taiji is a practice of cultivating one’s body, mind and spirit.

Lunar Mansions Qigong

with Jeannine Brown . Friday 11:15am

28 Lunar Mansions Shamanic QiGong ( 二十八宿 ) is an ancient, healing form of qigong  (“energy work”) stemming from the sages and shaman of the Emei Mountain region of SW China.  In this qigong form we will work with alchemical transformation of our qi body by moving through 28 standing, meditative movements;  each movement corresponding to a different  “mansion” or “house” of the 28 stellar constellations of the sky that the moon orbits through in a one day cycle.

Each class begins with the shamanic ritual practice of “dou” (or ritual shaking and dancing & drumming of the heart); continues with the movements of the 28 Lunar Mansions qigong form itself; and then ends with a short meditation and “harvesting of qi” closing.

Through repetition of this qigong form, we come into greater integrated states of physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health and well-being.   And, our own microcosmic body or inner nature begins to move in ease, harmony, and balance with that of the macrocosm.  We hope you can join us for this beautiful, ancient, life-transformative healing art!

Shamanic Tiger Qigong
(Laohu Gong)

with Jacob Grieco . Monday 7:30pm & Jeannine Brown . Wednesday 10:30am

In Daoist cosmology, the White Tiger represents the metal element and the Zheng (upright/righteous) Qi of the lungs. Practicing the movements of Tiger Qigong will help to strengthen your external energy field and awaken the strong spirit of the Tiger within you.

Class begins with Dou (inner dancing and drumming of the heart) shaking and ends with a short meditation and closing.

Body Mind Balance

with Paul Irvin joins Ryan Powell for a half hour at the Taiji Thurs Noon Class

Discover how to move your core energy outward throughout your body to give you more power with less effort while fostering muscle and joint health, and learn how to apply it to yoga, taiji (tai chi), qigong, gardening, snowboarding, practicing martial arts, moving furniture, windsurfing, picking up grocery bags, walking, and any other activity.