Hello and welcome to a home of some of the most experienced, tuned in yoga teachers in town. Most of our Drop In Yoga classes are All Levels, everyone welcome. In these classes, the instructor offers options to beginners as well as more advanced students to make the class less or more challenging for you, depending on your ability. You are requested to listen to your own body and take the postures as lightly or as deeply as you wish.

We also have many Yoga Intensives, Class Series, and Courses to deepen your practice!

Centering Vinyasa

Sweethome    Level: All     When: Friday 9:30am

Vinyasa with Sweethome is a treat. Beginning and ending with chanting and threaded throughout with philosophical ponderings, this class is a beautiful, core strengthening flow. Thursday eve she will teach to practitioners who already have a solid practice, whereas Friday morning is suitable for All Levels as her years of teaching allow her to modify for beginners and advanced yogis and all in between.

Gentle and Restorative Yoga

Carol Level: All When: Thurs 7:30-8:45pm

Come sink into deep relaxation through gentle and restorative yoga and sound.
Beginning and ending with sacred sound meditations, this class will move through some gentle opening postures and then settle into softness with restorative poses to passively let go and open the body. As we quiet, we cultivate our attention and consciously let go of stress allowing the body to return to it’s own vital rhythms. Musical accompaniment, listening, chanting and focused attention on the breath encourage and guide us. Release the weight of the body and the mind… and enter the sanctuary of the Self.

Grounded Vinyasa

Teacher: Mandy     Level: All     Sat 11am & AM Immersions M-Th

In Mandy’s classes, students work sequentially through warm-ups, standing and closing seated postures that offer strength, balance and flexibility with mindful attention to the breath cycle. She offers a dynamic practice of challenge and effortless ease discovering the inherit intelligence and grace of the body. You leave feeling invigorated, grounded, and strong.

$7-13 Yoga Flow

Teacher: Heather  Level: All Tuesday 4pm

Heather offers a flowing class rooted in body sensation, playful, inspired movement, connecting breath to the physical and subtle bodies, and integrating both eastern and western philosophies to support the individual. These sliding scale classes provide the space (and affordability!) for each student to find the path to their own personal bliss. Sliding Scale $7-13 or use your class pass.

Hatha Yoga

Teacher: Jamie     Level: All / Beginner     When: Tues 10:30am, W 9am

Jamie’s classes are inviting to all level of practitioner, and are fabulous for entering the world of classical Hatha Yoga. She provides deep insight into proper alignment, anatomical movement, awareness when transitioning between postures, and breathing techniques. Her classes are excellent for those of you refining and renewing an already consistent practice, and also for the beginner student who is ready to learn the core poses of yoga.

Hatha Yoga Flow

Teacher: Niema   Level: All   When: Thurs 10:30am

An opportunity to tap into the deep rhythm of your body as guided by your breath. Detailed structural alignment work that builds from the ground up lays a solid foundation for understanding the yoga asanas and moving safely through the practice. This specific awareness is complemented by mindfully-sequenced Vinyasas to invite deep integration of the body, mind, breath, and spirit.

Most classes include pranayama, meditation, and chanting. Suitable for all levels, and Niema provides appropriate modifications for beginners and advanced students.

Hatha Yoga & Meditation

Teacher: Nicole     Level: Intermediate     When: Sat 11am

Nicole has deeply embodied her years of yoga and she provides a beautiful space in which you can do the same. She guides you in 15 minutes of meditation followed by one hour of classical Hatha yoga, and winds the class down with a final 15 minutes of meditation. A perfect start to your Saturday.

Kundalini Yoga and Meditation

Michelle Level: All When: Thurs 7:30pm

Kundalini Yoga and Meditation focuses on synchronizing breath, movement, and strength through the practice of exercise, meditation, and mantra. Find your bliss through building your inner fire of knowing and love.

Mantra Yoga Flow

Teacher: Niema   Level: All     When: Sun 11am

An all-levels Hatha Flow class threaded and inspired by mantras, Sanskrit chants that support centering and transformation. Each class will include learning and chanting a mantra whose theme will then be woven into the moderate flowing practice, with meditation, pranayama, and philosophy added to the stew.

Shadow Yoga

Teacher: Lita   Level: All     When: M, T, W, Th, F morning intensives

Lita is a talented and knowledgable teacher of Shadow Yoga. Via Shadow Yoga, she promotes the cultivation of the physical, mental, and emotional qualities necessary for harmonizing the winds of the body (vayu), eradicating energetic blockages, and revealing stability.  Efficient, challenging, and safe: by illuminating areas of weakness or blindness, we find our power. Shadow Yoga is a school of yoga founded by master teacher Zhander Remete. Rather than being a “new invention”, it is a revival of traditional ways of cultivation. The preliminary work frees the movement of breath and life force which may stagnate in areas of trauma, injury or tension in the body, reducing the benefits of the practice and our freedom. Once some degree of mastery is reached with the preliminary work, advanced work comes without effort.