Ryan Powell

Qi of Sound Healing Session: 60min . $75

Qi of Sound Healing is a profound synthesis of:

»  Sound Healing
»  Spiritual Counseling
»  Qigong Energy Work, or “Qi Healing.” Read more…

iChing & Tea ~ Heart Reading: 60min . $50

These sessions are designed to bring lightness and clarity to your life by connecting with the ancient wisdom of the I-Ching, the multi-dimensional Chinese book of living wisdom and guidance. Read more…

Contact Ryan directly to schedule: 503-236-8314

Lezlie Amara Piper


Massage: 60 min . $75
Massage: 90 min . $110

Holistic Pelvic Care

Holistic Pelvic Care initial visit: 90min . $120
Holistic Pelvic Care return visit: 60min . $75
Holistic Pelvic Care 3-session Package
(including initial visit)  210min . $240

Intuitive Reading

Intuitive Reading: 90min . $120 (in person or phone)

Taoist Nutritional Consult

Taoist Nutritional Consult initial visit: 90min . $120
Taoist Nutritional Consult return visit: 60min . $75

Contact Lezlie directly to schedule: 503-539-6718
For more information about Lezlie Amara and her work: cascadiaelemental.com
She also has a practice in the Columbia Gorge.

 Jeannine Brown

 Qigong Healing Session: 60min . $75

This is an intuitive, Spirit-guided qigong (energy work) healing session for your body, heart-mind, and spirit. Read more…

Medicinal Plant Oil Consultation: 60min . $50

During this consult, we will sit together within the medicinal plant and sacred heart qi field and, share ChaDao (“The Way of Tea”), and discuss any health issues/concerns that you may have. Through consultative intake, pulse reading, and other energy diagnostic, we’ll determine DoTerra essential plant oil protocol and other herbal protocol to strengthen, vitalize, balance, and harmonize your health and well-being. Read more…

Contact Jeannine directly to schedule: 503.659.3710 or dancedbyspirit[at]gmail.com

Niema Lightseed

Energywork Session: 45min . $60 or 60min . $75

A gentle yet profound energy healing that includes Reiki, intuitive channeling, and aromatherapy. Read more…

Personal Cacao Healing Ceremony: 180min . $188

Together we will work with highest-quality ceremonial Guatemayan cacao to facilitate heart healing. Read more…

Contact Niema directly to schedule: 773-988-1339