Rhythms from My Heart & Soul: An Evening of Love, Light, Music and Motion with Loveness

Friday, Oct 28
8pm – 9:30pm
$15 Pre-pay
$20 At Door
Pre-pay Here

Come experience the pure joy and soul nourishment of healer, tribal dancer and singer,Loveness Wesa. Her music is a healing message from the Divine, source, The Way of Life.

Music, dance and healing come naturally to Loveness as she started at an early age using song and dance to channel Spirit from her village home in Zimbabwe. Since 1997, she has traveled the world with her band, and dance troupe spreading their message of peace, loveness and oneness.

In a rare solo performance, Loveness is combining her soul healing practice with tribal song and dance from many ancestral lands to make for a transformational experience and an unforgettable evening.

Meet Loveness: As a small child, Loveness absorbed the traditional music and dance of her country watching her mother, aunt and grandmother who were Sangomas, Shamanic tribal healers, sing, dance, and drum to channel ancestral spirits to heal. It was very natural for her then while still in school to join the acclaimed Amakhosi Theater. This was a formative experience for her. While studying dance, music, acting, choreography, scriptwriting and more, she toured and performed around the world. Loveness has released 5 musical albums and performs with her musical group “Loveness Wesa and the Bantus.”

More recently, Loveness has developed her soul healing talents as an ardent student of Master Zhi Gang Sha. She is a certified Soul Healer receiving deep wisdom and Divine authority to heal at the soul level. In a rare solo performance, Loveness is combining her soul healing practice with her tribal song and dance. The music and performance pieces are inspired by her soul healing studies, while still tapping into the traditional experiences of her childhood. Those with life challenges are encouraged to attend this transformational experience.

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