Fire Dragon Meridian (Huo Long Jing Gong) Qigong Class Series with Ryan Powell

6 Tuesdays, 6-7:15pm
March 15 – April 19 . enroll or drop in
April 26 – May 31 . enroll or drop in
6 Classes for $80 tuition
Drop In Anytime for $17
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In this class series you will learn to embody the awakened energy of the Fire Dragon. The energy of this ancient Neigong form is as sparks rising from the fire of transformation. Connect with the rising spiral movements of the Fire Dragon to transform stagnant energy within your body into a free-flowing river of Qi. With regular practice, you will cultivate a field of fresh health and inspiration in your life.

The movements of Fire Dragon spiral and transform stagnation to free flowing lifeforce. This form includes meridian tapping and guiding Qi in order to open and restore the healing river of energy within you.

We begin the class with “Dou” ~ the Inner Dancing and Drumming of the Heart, a practice of gentle shaking which help to release stagnation and awaken the Shen (Spirit) within the body. We close each session with “Harvesting the Qi”, a gentle self-massage which helps to seal the energy of the practice and nourish the spirit.