Courses: Courses are a chance to deepen into a chosen path of study of Qigong, Yoga or Sacred Sound. These occur periodically, once or twice a week, for a designated number of sessions.
Morning Immersions: These weeklong (3, 4 or 5 classes per week) immersions are currently Shadow Yoga and Lovingkindness Meditation Practice in the early mornings. They occur once to a few times each month.

Enrollment is required either before or on the first day of offering. Drop Ins are invited on the first day and may or may not be invited after. Sun Gate Members pay separately for Courses and Immersions but receive 15% Off tuition. See specific course descriptions for enrollment details.

  • Lunar Houses Qigong Course . begins Oct 22

    28 Lunar Houses Shamanic Qigong Course with Jeannine Brown

    5 Saturdays, 1-3pm
    Oct 22 – Nov 26 (no class Nov 12)
    $150 early bird pricing thru Oct 15
    $165 week of
    Enroll Here

    28 Lunar Houses Shamanic QiGong ( 二十八宿 ) is an ancient, healing form of qigong (or “energy work”) stemming from the sages and shaman of the Mt. Emei region of Southern China.

    In this 5 week, Saturday course, you will be introduced to the standing, meditative movements of the Mt. Emei Lunar Qigong form. Each week we will study the form through the 3 part practice of: “dou” (or ritual shaking and dancing & drumming of the heart), the 28 Lunar Houses form itself, and a traditional qigong closing. Likewise, we will explore some of the Daoist philosophical underpinnings of the qigong movements as they relate to the Traditional Chinese Medicine system of 5 Elements theory, 5 Organ Systems theory, and the heavenly healing energy of the 28 star constellations that the moon orbits through in a day’s cycle.

    The Lunar Qigong form carries great medicine through one’s own dedication and practice. My wish is to offer this qigong form to you, such that it become’s a powerful tool for you in your medicine basket. Together, we will carry the inner light of Lunar medicine, and it’s natural encoding for healing and transformation, and great inner harmony and balance. We’ll let the moon guide us for the journey ~*~ Hope you can join us!

    Meet Jeannine: Jeannine Brown is a qigong instructor and long-time practitioner of qigong, yoga, meditation, internal alchemy, healing, and meditation. She has studied Chinese shamanic/sage style qigong with her qigong teacher, Master Zhongxian Wu, since 2006.

    She owns Cedar Moon Healing Arts and teaches public and private Qigong classes, offers qi healing sessions, and gives medicinal plant consultations in the Pacific Northwest. Jeannine can be reached by e-mail at dancedbyspirit[at]

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  • Warrior Healer Sage Training Level 1

    Warrior, Healer, Sage Level 1 Daoist Cultivation Training: an 8-week course with Ryan Powell

    8 Sundays, 28 hours of training
    Oct 2 – Dec 4 (break Oct 16 & Nov 27)
    $450 before or on Sept 29th *
    $475 after Sept 29th
    $65 per 3.5 hour session (drop ins allowed with Ryan’s permission)
    *Payment plan available if needed; contact us to discuss. Students who have already completed this course receive a 30% discount off full price. Sun Gate Members receive 15% off.

    Enroll Here
    Open to both beginners and seasoned practitioners

    Step into the ancient stream of Daoist cultivation and awaken your inner medicine.

    Warrior Healer Sage Level 1 is a unique opportunity to deepen your understanding and practice of Qigong, internal martial arts, Daoist Internal Alchemy, Qi (Energy) Healing and the 8 trigrams of the Yijing or Book of Changes. This is a rare opportunity to practice the physical, energetic and spiritual cultivation arts of the Wu and Hidden Immortal Lineages.

    In this 8 week course you will learn:Tai Chi-0099-ryqiball4x6-110res
    ~ Dou (The Inner Dancing and Drumming of the Heart)
    ~ Shamanic Tiger Qigong (Laohu Gong)
    ~ Qi Healing Principles
    ~ Plum Blossom Yijing 8 Trigram Divination
    ~ Internal Alchemy Meditation
    ~ ChaDao, the Way of Tea

    Engaging with these ancient Daoist practices is to begin a journey to your true home within the body, within the moment and within the nourishing embrace of the Dao of Nature. All of these practice involve developing awareness of our Three Treasures ~ Jing (Body), Qi (Breath) , Shen (Spirit) and cultivating the connection of these three best medicines within our body.

    This course is open to beginners or seasoned practitioners of Daoist Cultivation.
    I look forward to walking with you on this journey home. ~Ryan

    Contact Ryan at with any questions.

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  • Shadow Yoga Morning Immersion

    Shadow Yoga Morning Immersions with Mandy Kruger

    Mon or Tues-Thurs, 7-8am
    Nov 7-10 . Enroll
    Nov 15-17 . Enroll
    Dec 12-15 . Enroll
    3-day is: $36 Pre-pay; $42 Day of *
    4-day is: $48 Pre-pay; $56 Day of
    Sun Gate Members receive 15% Off this tuition
    * a minimum of 4 students is required to hold this immersion

    In these morning immersive class series, we refine and stabilize specific familiar postures and sequencing with attention to breath. We practice every day to receive greater efficiency and benefit.

    Mandy is a student of Zhander Remete and Emma Balnaves and her teaching is informed by this tradition of shadow yoga and classical Hatha yoga.

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  • Yoga and Ritual Magic Course . begins Nov 2

    Yoga and Ritual Magic Course with Niema Lightseed

    Mondays and Wednesdays, Nov 2 – Nov 30 (no class Nov 23)
    8 Classes for $133
    Drop in for $20, invited for first two weeks only.
    Enroll Here

    In this four week course we will explore how to create personal ceremonies within a yoga practice. The classes will be a multi-faceted blend of lecture, demonstration, all-levels asana, meditation, chanting, and mini-rituals. We will learn the basic correlations for the elements and how they relate to aspects of the yoga practice, investigate working with transformational forces, learn how to create safe and potent ceremonial containers, learn a formula for creating our own effective yoga rituals, build altars, and explore working with the subconscious to find healing and wholeness.

    All experience levels are welcome. Bring your journal or notebook, and you will be expected to gather altar items through the course of the month.

    Meet Niema: Niema Lightseed is a priestess of the new paradigm, weaving words and soul wisdom to create poetic healing experiences for the body and heart. She combines the magic of yoga, myth, poetry, ritual, mantra, and feminine mysticism to inspire greater self-awareness and compassion.

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  • Shadow Yoga Morning Immersion

    Shadow Yoga Morning Immersions with Lita Batho

    3, 4 or 5 days
    Mon-Wed, Oct 31 – Nov 2 . Enroll
    Mon-Fri, Nov 28 – Dec 2 . Enroll
    Mon-Thurs, Dec 19 – Dec 22 . Enroll
    3 Days: $36 Pre-pay, $42 Day of
    4 Days: $48 Pre-pay, $56 Day of
    5 Days: $60 Pre-pay; $70 Day of
    Sun Gate Members receive 15% Off this tuition
    Drop In Welcome First Day Only $15 (must pay in person)
    * a minimum of 4 students is required to hold the immersion

    Small Class instruction on the Shadow Yoga Practice, these immersions meet the needs of the students through ongoing work on preliminary sequences (preludes) that build awareness, strength, and overall health, and asanas (seated and reclining work).

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  • Voice Cultivation Weekend . Jan 13-15

    Resonant Essence Immersion: Transformational Practices for your Voice

    Friday, Jan 13, 7:30-9:30pm
    Sat, Jan 14, 1-4pm &
    Sun, Jan 15, 1-4pm
    8 Hours of Instruction

    $200 Early Bird Available Until Jan 6
    or $250 thereafter
    Enroll Now
    No Drop Ins, thank you
    Some work-trade or scholarships may be available, contact us to inquire.
    # of Students: Minimum 6 & Maximum 20

    The Vedas teach that sound is the basis of all spirituality. As a result, music is considered the most important of the art forms and with the human body as the instrument of expression, vocal music is of greatest relevance.

    In this weekend immersion workshop, students will refine and cultivate their voice by learning and practicing a series of extremely rare, beautiful and potent voice cultivation, transformational sound techniques and vibrational practices that they’ll find effective and deeply moving from the very first class.

    Anyone who wants to, can learn to use and/or improve and refine their singing voice. Anyone from beginning singers; those with experience (from amateur to professional) and especially to those who have a desire to sing but have been held back due to trauma or a feeling of not being ‘heard’. Anyone who wants to use and/or improve their singing voice.

    During this beautiful immersion weekend, students will deepen their awareness and understanding of the concepts of Nada Brahma and Nada Yoga; learn how to feel sound in the body; learn how to move sound in the body; heal physical and emotional trauma to the voice; learn and/or refine how to sing with a drone; how to refine and identify pitch; develop, refine and rediscover how to listen and most importantly discover the sound of their true voice. The class is accompanied by the esteemed grand Goddess of musical instruments, the tambura. Open your heart and voice and expect joy.

    Please register soon as seating is limited. This workshop is one of the only opportunities to study with Michael in the upcoming year. Please join in the deep beauty, don’t miss this rare opportunity.

    michaelstirling-tofawe2-smMeet Michael: Michael Stirling is a Disciple of the great Indian Vocalist, Pandit Pran Nath (1918-1996) and the legendary American Composer and Performer, Maestro Terry Riley. After beginning the study of North Indian classical vocal music with his Guruji in 1983, Michael subsequently traveled with him to India eventually becoming his disciple. After Pandit Pran Nath’s passing in 1996, Michael continued study and practice with his Guruji’s senior American student, Maestro Terry Riley. At the request of his teacher, Mr. Stirling has, for over 15 years, offered performances of and instruction in North Indian classical vocal music to individual students and small groups. Michael is on faculty at Lewis and Clark College as Professor or Hindustani Vocal Music

    Among numerous others in the fields of classical music, jazz, bhakti and devotional music, Michael has performed with Terry Riley, Ustad Mashkoor Ali Khan, Ustad Hafizullah Khan (sasrangi); Fanna Fi Allah Sufi Qwalli), the Hanumen; Steve Gorn (Bansuri); Sufi Pir Shabda Kahn; Benjy Wertheimer, Joss Jaffe, (tabla), true vine jazz artists, Ravi Coltrane, Pharaoh Sanders, Andrew Cyrille, Reggie Worksman and numerous others.

    He has performed at Beloved Festival of Sacred Art & Music, Nritya Mandala Maha Vihara (Dance Mandal), Sivananda Ashram (Grass Valley, CA), Sri Krishna Janmasthan Bhoomi (birthplace of Lord Krishna in Mathuru, India), the dhargha of Sufi Hazarat Inayat Khan (New Dehli), Rothko Chapel (TX), Yale Union, the Creative Music Guild’s Improvisers Summit Festival, Agnes Flanagan Chapel at Lewis & Clark College, Sun Gate, and elsewhere.

    “Deva Loka”, 12” Vinyl on Mississippi Records 2014 (Indian Classical Music)
    “Aakash”, 12” Vinyl on the Root Strata label, 2016 (singing in collaboration with electronic music composer/performers Matt Carlson and Doug Theriault).

    “As a producer of sacred/world music events in Portland, I owe my entire livelihood to Michael Stirling. His decades of tireless efforts in music education and event production have played a critical role in making Portland the mecca for the sacred musics of the world that it is. On top of that, his humble nature, generosity of spirit, authenticity and wisdom make him one of my favorite people on the planet.”
    Ellliot Raesnick, Founder & Producer of Beloved Festival of Sacred Art & Music.

    Root Strata:

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