Bagua Xin Yi Class Series with Dr. Keivan Jinnah

6 Mondays, 9:45-11am
March 14 – April 18 . enroll or drop in
April 25 – May 30 . enroll or drop in
6 Classes for $80 tuition
Drop In Anytime for $17
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In this series you will learn the BaGua XinJing (Eight trigram Heart-Mirror) form. This hidden form of QiGong and internal martial arts (building ones health and internal strength) has been passed down for centuries in the Dai Family XinYi lineage in China.

The BaGua XinJing consists of eight soft, gentle movements that connect the practitioner with each of the eight trigrams of the BaGua and functions to clear the Heart and Mind. The significance of each of the eight trigrams, the pattern, and the health application of each of the movements will also be revealed.